Baby Shower Checklist

1- First Steps:

Baby Shower Checklist

  • Create a Baby Shower budget.
  • Make a guest list.
  • Make a menu.
  • Pick a date, time and place to have the shower.
  • Pick a theme.

2- One Month Before:

  • Mail invitations, invitations should also include map/directions to shower and gift registry information.


  • Cake
  • Flower
  • Balloons
  • Decorations

3- Two Weeks Before:

  • Buy dinner and dessert plates, silverware, napkins and cups (if you are hosting at someone’s home).
  • Plan the games you will play
  • Buy prizes for games and party favors for guests.
  • Finalize menu.
  • Buy thank you cards ahead of times so everyone can write their address on an envelope at the shower. this helps mom-to-be thank all her guests.

4- One Week Before:

  • Get a final headcount of who will be at the shower.
  • Clean house if you are hosting at your house.
  • If it is being held at an establishment, confirm reservation.
  • Buy a gift for mom-to-be.
  • Warp gift, prices and put party favors together.
5- The Day Before The shower:
  • Make sure batteries are charged in camera and video camera.
  • if hosting at home, try to get as much done as possible (setting up tables, getting house in order, getting game ready).
  • Prepare whatever food you can.
  • Make sure there is plenty for guests to drink.
  • Baby Showers usually last 2-3 hours, so plan a timeline accordingly
6- The Day of the Shower:
  • Pick up everything you have ordered for today.
  • Finish decorating and put food out as guests arrive.
  • Stick to timeline.
  • Make sure plenty of pictures are being taken, designate someone to take pictures and/or video.
  • Make sure everyone addresses an envelope.
  • Stay close to mom-to-be while she is opening gifts in case she needs anything and take all trash out of her way and write down what she got and who she got it from.
  • Make sure everyone gets a party favor.

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