Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a Baby Nurse?

A baby nurse is a non-medical trained infant specialist with extensive hands-on infant experience. She comes into the home to assist new parents with day-to-day care of their newborn. Additionally, a baby nurse will educate the new parents on caring for their newborn baby, assist in establishing an eating and sleeping schedule for the baby, and provide assistance to breast feeding mothers.

What is the length of Baby Nurse Services?

There is no set time limit as to the length of time a family will need post partum care, however we recommend 7 weeks. Some families reserve a Baby Nurse for up to 10 months depending on the specific families needs. There is a 5 day minimum.

Do you have experience with twins experience?

Yes, I do have experience with twins.

When should I begin a Baby Nurse search?

It is never too early to start the process of searching for a qualified and trustworthy baby nurse. This begins by filling out a baby nurse reservation form. Once completed and received, you will be provided with references, and arrange a phone interview. Please note that we will not meet in person until 5 weeks prior to your due date. This will insure that my schedule remains open unless you secure the date before hand.

However, don’t hesitate to call me if you have an immediate need. I have accommodated many families on a very short notice, given that I have the date open.

Can I check the references ?

Absolutely, I have extensive references and I will provide you with names and phone numbers. I believe that speaking with other Moms and Dads is the most accurate way to verify my Baby Nurses qualifications.

Can I meet meet you in person?

Yes, this can be done as long as my schedule permits. As I work most nights, a phone interview and reference checking is usually sufficient.

If you have a question, suggestion or comment, Please contact us by filling out the form below. Bay Area Baby Nurse values your comments and will answer all your questions promptly.

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Our Testimonials

“We contacted Hana when we realized we needed help at night with our newborn. Hana responded quickly and explained how she could help. She worked with us for 4 weeks, arriving always exactly on time. Our baby was soothed, comforted and helped to sleep, allowing us some much needed rest. I highly recommend Hana as a caring and helpful nurse.” Thanks Hanah.

San Francisco, CA

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I meet my Baby Nurse in person?

Yes, this can be done as long as her schedule permits. She is constantly working so a phone interview and reference checking is usually sufficient. [Read More]