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17 plus years of experience and mother of four, she brings extensive experience and dedicated care for your infant
Helping you and your child sleep

Baby nurse, Baby night care, Postpartum doula

Baby Night Care

As a night baby nurse, postpartum doula or most commonly known as a baby nurse, I bring with hundreds of hours of proficient baby care. I am extensively experienced and proficient in all aspects of newborn baby care and parental …

Postpartum Doula

Getting a new baby is surely one of the greatest blessings and the excitement of bringing the baby home is overwhelming. Most of the parents who bring home a new baby go through a tough period in the first few days.


Hi Hanah,
“We contacted Hana when we realized we needed help at night with our newborn. Hana responded quickly and explained how she could help. She worked with us for 4 weeks, arriving always exactly on time. Our baby was soothed, comforted and helped to sleep, allowing us some much needed rest. I highly recommend Hana as a caring and helpful nurse.” Thanks Hanah.

Sally, San Francisco, CA

Hi Hanah,
You can set your clock by Hanah’s arrival for the entire two months of service. Dedicated, non intrusive and extremely knowledgeable. What a true gift you have. Thanks Hanah.

Moreen Gold, San Francisco, CA

Hi Hanah,
We wanted to let you know right away how absolutely exceptional we think your service has been. Truly professional, warm, caring and positive.
We’d like to reach out to you again for weekends, as I know you have a full time position during the week now.

Karen Scott, San Francisco, CA

Hi Hanah,
Thank you for all your help once again. You again understood exactly the kind of help that I needed. It only took a phone call to get everything moving forward and within 48 hours, I had the exact help that I was looking for. I have recommend and I will continue to recommend you to anyone who is looking for wonderful over night baby care.Thanks again,

Joy Betterncourt, Mill Valley, CA

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