Postpartum doula services

Getting a new baby is surely one of the greatest blessings and the excitement of bringing the baby home is overwhelming. Most of the parents who bring home a new baby go through a tough period in the first few days. The parents have to change their routines, adjust their sleep habits and divide time to care for the new baby. The situation becomes even more critical if the mother had a cesarean delivery. Finding the right kind of help from the right kind of person is very important in that case, this is where a postpartum doula can offer you everything you need from nursing the baby to helping the parents and educating them about the new born.

A postpartum doula does not has a medical degree but she is experienced in caring the baby in first few weeks after birth and also in educating the parents about how to care for the baby, adjust their routines and help everyone make the new baby a part of their lives. A doula would do everything that you or your child needs. A postpartum doula would make mom and dad feel more confident in performing their daily tasks and this can drastically improve their parenting experience.

A postpartum doula is experienced in performing the following duties:

- Assisting in post birth physical and emotional recovery
- Housekeeping
- Preparing food for new born
- Baby Soothing
- New born care including diapering, bathing and feeding
- Educating the parents
- Helping the baby in sleeping
- Helping the whole family

Additional overnights available upon request between the hours of 7:00PM – 7:00AM (a minimum of 9 hours). This is to help parents through the sleep training process.

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