New Born Baby Skin Care Tips

New Born Baby Skin Care Tips

It’s always a delight to touch a newborn baby’s skin. A newborn baby’s skin is extremely delicate, pure to its core and very sensitive. As we grow old the exposure to extreme sunlight, fluctuating and harsh environmental conditions, pollution and our daily routines all play a part in damaging our skin, but a newborn baby is kept safe from these damaging factors in the mother’s womb. In the first few weeks the newborn baby’s skin is very fragile and sensitive, and there are so many factors that could damage your little cute angel’s beautiful skin. The newborn baby’s skin is prone to a diversified array of skin problems like dryness, acne, skin rashes and eczema. So it is highly recommended to pay special attention and take great care of newborn baby’s skin. By following these expert tips from bay area baby nurse you can take care of your newborn baby’s skin. These tips and techniques are results of years of experience of our competent baby nurse or postpartum doula: Hanah Basoo.

There are lots of baby skin care products available and in the market, but these products are a double edges sword. The parents should take special care while selecting the skin care products for their newborn baby. Some of the baby skin products are a major reason for bacterial infections. Parents should not use products with hard chemicals for their newborn babies. Soaps, lotions and shampoos that contain dyes or fragrance have hard chemicals in them that reduce the amount of bacteria including the good bacteria. These chemicals make the skin dry and unhealthy.

One of the most effective and relieving skin care method is an oil massage. While giving your newborn baby an oil massage you should pay special attention to the oil you are going to use. It’s advisable to use herbal or natural oils rather then mineral oil products which have a potential of harming your baby’s skin. Almond oil, olive oil and chamomile are good suggestions. Special skin care should be taken after giving a baby bath, whether it is a tub bath or a sponge bath, you should always use mild warm water and properly dry the baby’s skin after the bath with a soft towel. After the skin is dry , use a herbal moisturizer to prevent skin dryness. Parents should pay special attention to clothing; you must not let baby’s skin uncovered for prolonged periods of time. Clothes should be changes twice a day to prevent dust contact with skin.

Another very important thing to consider here is that newborn babies normally shed a protective layer of skin in first few days. This layer should never be peeled off or rubbed and you should let it come off naturally.

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