Newborn Baby Formula Feeding Tips

Newborn Baby Formula Feeding Tips

For the newborn babies, the advantages of breastfeeding can never be overlooked, but for some mothers breastfeeding is not possible. Contrary to breast feeding the formula feeding method offers more flexibility and convenience especially for the parents. Infant formula is the only safe and recommended alternative nourishment source for the newborn babies. You can feed your baby entirely on infant formula or you may just use it as a supplement along breast milk. Which ever method you use you can be assured of the fact that the formula milk is made to meet your newborn baby’s nutritional needs All the leading brands have the same basic formula and come in three different forms. You can select the one that best suits your needs.

1. Ready to feed formula-the most expensive one
2. Liquid concentrated, requires adding water to dilute
3. Powder, most economical but requires lot of effort to prepare

No matter which brand you are using these simple steps from bay area baby nurse would prove to be very beneficial for you and your newborn baby.

- Cleanliness is always critical; wash your hands using a medicated soap or use hand sanitizer. Preparing newborn baby’s food using dirty hands can lead to severe health problems for the child.
- Put the bottle and nipples in boiling water for at least five minutes, also use soap to clean the bottles. The same process should be repeated after or before every feeding and for new bottles
- While opening the lid of formula can, make sure no dust or dirt can enter the formula can. Clean the lid before opening and make sure the lid opener is well cleaned.
- Always make sure the formula powder remains dry, never use wet spoons or scoops in the formula can.
- Always use sterile water, if sterile water is not available you can boil the water for at least five minutes, let the water cool down before preparing the formula.
- Always discard leftover milk if it is not refrigerated. Do not reheat left over milk.
- Never ever feed expired formula to your newborn baby, do not use cans that have been dented or looked damaged.
- While buying formula, always trust reputed retail stores.
- Always pay special attention to directions written on the label, mix the formula exactly as written in the directions.
- In the beginning a newborn’s baby stomach can hold only a few tea spoons of milk, after few weeks two to three ounces would be enough.
- When you are using formula milk, expect more time between the feedings because the formula milk takes a bit longer to digest.
- Always consider each feeding as a way to make a bond with your newborn baby. Feeding time is one of the happiest moments for your baby and plays a vital role in brain development.  

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