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Newborn Baby Night Care Tips

Newborn Baby Night Care Tips

Most of the newborn babies never sleep throughout the night and would wake up after every three or four hours for feeding. Newborn baby sleep cycles are different and strange to an extent. When your baby is asleep all you wish is to let the baby enjoy the sleep while you take a rest from the hectic routine you have been through all the day. By following these simple tips from our expert baby nurse and postpartum doula, Hanah Basoo you can ensure your newborn baby sleeps safely. These tips would also reduce the risks of sudden infant death syndrome and risk of cot death.

- Always keep your newborn baby close to yourself; your baby should sleep in the same room as you, at least for the first six or seven months.
- If you are sharing your bed with your newborn baby make sure that your baby does not get too hot.
- Don’t cover your newborn baby’s head and don’t use a pillow, quilt or duvet at least for first 8 months
- Newborn babies are very sensitive and require a lot of care, make sure there are no sharp edges or corners on the bed that may potentially harm your baby.
- While sharing your bed your newborn baby, make sure the baby is placed close to you and might not fall off the bed.
- Don’t sleep with your newborn baby on a sofa or anywhere the baby can get trapped
- Always place your baby on her back to sleep
- While in the cot place your newborn baby in the feet to foot position so there is no chance of her slipping under the bedding
- Never let anyone smoke in your newborn baby’s room
- While sleeping at night do not make your baby’s room completely dark
- Breastfeeding is good for babies, but not before sleeping. Breastfed babies would sleep lightly and would wake up frequently during night
- In the first few months do not get occupied with setting a sleep pattern for your baby, be led by your baby’s needs.
- Put your baby to sleep on a firm flat bed, don’t place any toys or pillows near the baby, Use a fitted bed sheet for the newborn baby.
- Don’t let your baby get too warm while sleeping, dress the baby in just one layer of easy and soft dress.  

Following these tips would surely ensure a safer night time for your baby, but you can make this time even more secure and comfortable for the baby you should hire a postpartum doula or baby nurse for the first few months. If you are living in San Francisco Bay Area, Marin County, Contra Costa, Menlo Park, San Jose or Santa Clara you can avail our expert baby nurse or postpartum doula services. All you have to do is call us at (415) 579-1603 and we can arrange your meeting with Hanah Basoo, our expert baby nurse.

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