Newborn Baby Sleeping Tips

Newborn Baby Sleeping Tips

The babies, especially the newborn babies are notorious for their sleep. Whether its day time or night time, a newborn baby is expected to sleep after every few hours and wake up again after few hours. If you have been blessed with a new baby, apart from expressing and sharing your joy with your friends you would be swapping stories of how annoying your little angel is when it comes to sleeping. The sleepless nights would get on your nerves; sleep deprivation would disturb your eating habits making it worst for you to come out of physical and emotional post-delivery stress.

Newborn baby sleeping cycles are strange, and they can vary from day to day and night to night. The simple answer to this is babies are not born with the ability to sleep all night and they simply do not know the difference between day and night time. Babies also have small tummies, which mean less food storage. So your newborn baby would require feeding after every 2-3 hours and would keep on waking up during the day and night asking for food. A newborn baby would sleep through most of the noise or activity but a sudden noise may wake the baby up. According to a research 22 percent of newborn babies would find it difficult to fall asleep and 42 percent of them would wake up frequently during night. In the first few weeks it would be very difficult for you to set a sleep routine for your baby and it is even advisable not to set one. As your baby would grow up he or she would learn the difference between the day and night time. You should also expect abrupt variations in sleep patterns of newborn babies, especially in first few weeks. But despite all these difficulties and complexities you can easily survive this difficult time and set up a sleep pattern for your newborn baby by following these simple newborn baby sleeping tips from Bay Area baby Nurse.

 - Always make a proper routine for your newborn baby and strictly follow the routine. You should have a fixed bed time, feeding time, soothing time, bathing time and playing time for your newborn baby.

 - Make your baby learn the difference between the day time and the night time. During the day time keep everything bright and upbeat, arrange a lot of activity for your baby during the day time when he or she is awake. During the day time after feeding keep the baby awake for at least 30 minutes by performing various activities.

- Similarly at the night time keep everything at a low level. Reduce the noise as much as possible. In the baby’s room keep the lights dim, avoid playing with you newborn baby or making eye contact with the baby. Keep the nights boring and dark.
- If your baby is finding it difficult to sleep at night, you should limit the sleep cycles during the day time, keep him awake and active during the day so that the baby would sleep quietly during the night.
- Swaddle your newborn baby to mimic the feeling he or she used to get in the womb. It would make the baby feel safe and secure and would also limit the reflex movements.
- Newborn babies are used to hearing the white noise in the mother’s womb and feel very comfortable and secure when they hear such a noise, and it actually helps them fall asleep. White noise can be generated by turning on a fan or vacuum cleaner or you can even buy white noise CDs.
- In the mother’s womb the newborn baby sleep during the day time, the mother’s movement and activities generate a swing affect in the womb that makes the baby fall asleep, you can use a swing to mimic that swing affect and it would help the baby fall asleep quickly.
- Regulate the room temperature. Its always easier to sleep when it’s a bit cooler. When its sleeping time for your newborn bay , keep the temperature a bit low, dim the lights and cut off any news and activity.
- Always place your baby on back to sleep and do not use a quilt or a pillow until your baby is one year old. 

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