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Newborn Baby Umblical Cord Care

Newborn Baby Umblical Cord Care

The newborn baby’s umbilical cord may look like to be a little useless and unattractive string attached to your cute little angel, but this was once the lifeline for your baby, providing the baby with oxygen and nutrients to survive inside the womb. After a baby is born the umbilical cord is clamped by the doctor or medical specialist. The process is painless as the umbilical cord has no nerve cells. After the birth, the cord would usually take 2 to maximum of 3 weeks to dry and fall off. However it is very important to take care of the umbilical cord during those few weeks. An infection in umbilical cord may bring dire consequences for the newborn baby. By following the below listed simple steps from Bay Area Baby Nurse you can take good care of your newborn baby’s umbilical cord and prevent infection or any other abnormality.

- The first thing that should be kept in mind is that the cord has no sensation. It is always painless for the baby as long as you don’t tug on the cord.
- Keep your newborn baby’s umbilical cord as clean and dry as possible.
- Parents should avoid binding the mid abdominal area with bandage or cloth, as this would keep moisture and would promote the growth of germs and bacteria ultimately leading to an infection.
- Using tight clothes for the baby may also lead to similar consequences, dress your baby in loose and soft clothes that won’t rub on the umbilical cord or irritate it.
- Leave baby’s umbilical cord exposed to air to help it dry more quickly and to prevent rubbing and bleeding.
- Fold down the top of your newborn baby’s diaper to expose the umbilical cord, you can also use special diapers with an indented top seam.
- After the cord dries up, let it fall on its on, never pull or try to detach the umbilical cord manually.
- If the umbilical cord looks swollen or the area around looks reddish, contact your doctor or medical specialist
- Never give your newborn baby a tub bath until the umbilical cord falls off and heals completely
- The drying up and falling of umbilical cord is a natural process, avoid using any medication until advised by the doctor.  

f you are worried about your newborn baby’s umbilical cord or you are too nervous you can call a baby nurse to care for your newborn baby. We at bay area baby nurse provide our baby nurse or postpartum doula services in San Francisco Bay Area, San Jose, Menlo Park, Santa Clara, Contra Costa and Marin County. You can also call us at (415) 579-1603 to get expert advice and tips.

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